Wisemec Reuleaux Evolve DNA 200 Mod Review

The Reuleaux DNA 200 is another mod from Wisemec that was created in collaboration with Jaybo Designs and it looks almost indestructible. This is one of the first mods from Wisemec that is powered by triple 18650 batteries and has temperature control functionality. Looking at this mod, you can tell that it was not only built with performance and aesthetics in mind but also safety. This mod is recommended for advanced vapers, not beginners.
You can get the Reuleaux Evolve DNA 200 Mod on Vape Fu for $180.
The dimensions of the Wisemec Reuleaux Evolve DNA 200 Mod are 50mm by 40mm by 84mm. While this device is a little bulky, that is the price to pay for its 200 watts output. The device comes with a two-tone finish with silver and gray color. The mod has an interesting shape, but it is not difficult to grip this mod even if you hands are not small. You can remove both the front and back cover of this mod. You have the option of also buying a colorful silicone cover which not only protects the mod but also changes its appearance.
On top of the Reuleaux DNA 200, there is a stainless steel threaded 510 connection with a spring-loaded gold-plated pin for attaching your tank. Due to the size of this mod, you will struggle to find a tank that will overhang on it.
This Wisemec mod runs on the Evolv DNA 200 chip and requires three 18650 batteries to function. As you may expect, the battery life of this device is excellent. You can monitor your batteries individually. Depending on how frequent you vape, the batteries could last you for a couple of days or even a whole week. There are no batteries in the package, so you have to purchase them separately. The battery compartment is located at the back of the device. It features a magnetic lock which snaps on firmly.
The package includes a micro USB cable for charging the device and for upgrading its firmware. The mod is pass-through capable, so you can vape while you are charging the batteries. You will find a micro USB port on the lower section of the front of the device. There are ventilation holes on the front and at the base of the mod to prevent the batteries from overheating. The mod also comes with reverse polarity protection.
The firing button of the Wisemec Reuleaux Evolve DNA 200 is stainless steel and has the Jay Bo logo on it. There is a 0.91 inch LED screen below the firing button as well as two smaller buttons for controlling the settings of the mod. The mod can be used in normal wattage mode or temperature control mode. The temperature range of this device is 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the Evolv Escribe software, you can monitor and customize your vaping experience on the Reuleaux Evolve DNA 200 Mod. The lowest resistance that this mod supports is 0.1 ohms in wattage mode and 0.08 ohms in temperature control mode. The device comes with many other features such as stealth mode. Also, it can automatically detect the resistance of any coil head that you attach to it.
The Reuleaux Evolve DNA 200 is designed with a lot of safety features like atomizer protection, low battery protection, resistance protection, resistance protection, and auto power down protection. The Wisemec Reuleaux Evolve DNA 200 Mod is a powerful device that will meet the requirements of cloud chasers and flavor chasers alike. Thanks to the Evolv DNA 200 chipset, you will get consistent hits when vaping on this mod. It not only gives you gigantic clouds but allows you can enjoy the flavor of your e-juice to the max.