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Watermelon Juice Estival by Cloud Alchemist

Flavor Note

Ambrosial summer watermelon with notes of strawberry, apricot, and coconut. This flavor brings a refreshing fruit flavor with sweet vanilla undertones. A taste of summer all year round – right in your e-cigarette!


  •  Size  10ml 30ml 120ml
  •  Nicotine Level  00mg 1.5mg 03mg 06mg 12mg
  •  PG/VG Ratio  20pg/80vg, 50pg/50vg

Price: $19.99 fro 30 ml

Review of Watermelon Juice Estival by Cloud Alchemist

The sheer volume of premium e-liquid vendors can be overwhelming, and the number grows on a seemingly daily basis, with new vendors popping up left and right. The Cloud Alchemist, however, has been around since 2011. So, while I had heard their name a few times in the various forums I frequent, I had yet to sample any of their juice.

There is also surprisingly little information online about the vendor, so I knew practically nothing about them going into this series of reviews, and had no idea what to expect from the first bottle I choose, Estival. As a fan of watermelon strawberry, I was sure of only one thing; Estival tastes like watermelon sweet flavor juice.

So, with the Oompa-Loompa song running through my head, I grabbed a freshly coiled Helios and my Duke mod and settled in for my first tasting from Cloud Alchemist.

The watermelon juice is decidedly fruity, with a good balance of sweet and sour, but deciphering exactly what fruit flavors are in the mix have proven to be quite a bit more difficult. Combinations like this, with a handful of different, difficult to identify fruity flavors, tend to fall into one of two camps…the generically fruity blends that just taste…well, generically fruity, and the seamlessly intertwined blends, with carefully layered highs and lows.

Estival from Cloud Alchemist falls more into the first category, a little generic, but it also has the unique standalone position from the basic single note e-liquids that taste like “fruit” flavored sweet watermelon juice. The brighter top notes first come off like a watermelon with a bit of strawberry zing, but as my tasting session progressed, the high note began to take on a different tone, one that I’m fairly sure is creamy apricot nut-based, but beyond that, I honestly can’t be certain. On the lower end, I believe there is a bit of melon, strawberry, apricot and even a little coconut. In that juice, I thought the watermelon was good, but it was a little dark, drowning out the strawberry flavor, and at a lower wattage, that’s what happens in this juice too, although to a much lesser degree. By cranking up the wattage on this juice, a greater sense of balance can be achieved, and while the watermelon and berry and also creamy apricot nutty flavors reach a level of parity, there is a certain sense of harmony as the berries add a light, sweet fruitiness to the profile.

The result here is juice that I just can’t break down, not for lack of trying…all the flavors just run together into this single fruity note, one that tastes good, mouthful, it feels like the best ejuice among the watermelon juices available in the market.

The balance is certainly there, with a non-candy like sweetness that is offset nicely by a healthy dose of tart and sour flavor. While the flavors are big, bold, and in-your-face, I can’t seem to get much further into identifying the components, regardless of the set-up I use, or the total wattage I put through the coil.

The sweet spot here is entirely what you make of it. It had no problems up around 10w (5v) on the ProVari with a standard 2.5Ω 510 dripping atty. On my Duke with a dual coiled Helios atty, I was able to run it up to almost 40 watts before the juice began suffering from heat-induced flavor degradation, with the top notes, including the sour component outweighing the deeper tones. Eventually, I settled in around 30 watts for the duration of the tasting and found the intensely fruity flavor quite tasty. While I would stop short of calling this a finely layered, well-defined composition, akin to some of the boutique/gourmet juice mixers, it is good, but it’s more like a mishmash of fruits that happen to work well together.