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Tough E-Liquid by MiNiMAL Nic Salt Review

Tough E-Liquid is one ejuice that you probably have already heard a lot about, especially if you are familiar with the brand, MiNiMAL. The main flavor in this ejuice mixture is tobacco, an absolute favorite especially for transitioning smokers as it gives a good feel of the old days without having to light an actual cigarette. While the flavor delivery alone is something worthy of note, it does not stop there. The tobacco flavor is paired with nicotine salts to give you nothing short of satisfaction with strong and smooth nicotine hits.  

About MiNiMAL

The brand is brought to you by renowned French e-liquid mixologists, FUU, with a collection of vape juice flavors that are dedicated to authentic blends which are originally inspired by French cuisine. Their line of eliquids includes fruit, dessert, menthol, biscuit, and tobacco, which are all made in France. Other than Tough E-Liquid, they also have Berry Lemonade Nicotine Salt Eliquid, Biscotti Nicotine Salt Eliquid, Bonbon Nicotine Salt Eliquid.

Flavor Profile

You already know that the main ejuice flavor in this mixture is tobacco so on both the inhale and exhale your taste buds get to enjoy the earthy tobacco taste that would bring back memories. If you have never vaped tobacco before, this is as close to the real deal as you can get. The mixture is not overpowering and every drag delivers a natural rush just like as though you were using an actual cigarette.

Base Ratio

If you are new to vaping, the bae ratio of an ejuice formula talks about the ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) used in the ejuice mixture. Both ingredients are responsible for carrying all of the other ingredients and ultimately determine the overall performance of the eliquid formula, hence the name ‘base’. If you are getting eliquid, it is important to take note of this aspect.

VG is responsible for the overall vapor delivery and is said to add a little extra sweetness to the eliquid formula. PG on the other hand is responsible for the flavor delivery.

In this Tough E-Liquid by MiNiMAL Nic Salt, you get 50 percent of VG and 50 percent of PG creating a balanced feeling of both worlds. In essence, you get to enjoy rich flavor delivery and at the same time a generous amount of vapor that would leave you hooked.

With its 50 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio, this eliquid is intended to be used with starter kits and pod devices to deliver the best possible vaping experience. It is stated to not be suitable for sub-oh, vaping.

Nicotine Concentration

Tough E-Liquid by MiNiMAL Nic Salt comes in varying nicotine concentrations, so even if you are picky in terms of nicotine, you are sure to find a bottle with the right amount of nicotine to leave you satisfied all day long. You get to choose from a 10mg version which is great for vapers that require strong nicotine hits, and there’s the 20mg version which takes nicotine delivery to a whole other level without being overpowering or harsh. 

Thanks to the salt nicotine formula, you get to enjoy quick nicotine delivery and long-lasting effects. 


This classic salt nicotine-enhanced eliquid is available in a 10ml bottle with a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal. You can get a bottle with your choice nicotine concentration on Vape Green for £4.99. The plus side is not just the affordability of this premium ejuice flavor, but also the fact that you would not have to wait for ages for your e-liquid to get to you thanks to Vape Green’s fast delivery.


If you are looking for a rich tobacco-flavored eliquid that does not falter, the Tough E-Liquid by MiNiMAL Nic Salt is one you are sure to enjoy.