Nicovap E-Liquids Review

I got into vaping about a year ago. I was introduced to it by a friend who explained to me that it was a cleaner way to smoke. I am well aware of the risks of smoking conventional cigarettes, but I could not get myself to stop. Well, vaping was the answer for me. I can get my nicotine cravings satisfied without all of the harmful effects of conventional cigarettes. The other part of vaping that I like is the different flavor of e-liquids that I can get. I started to vape with a mint flavored e-liquid. Then I tried one that tasted like apples. I enjoyed those flavors, and it enhanced my vaping experience that much more. I am always on the lookout for new flavors.

I recently came across a brand of e-juice called Nicovap at 180 smoke Vape Shop b. This company offers five flavors of juice. I was reading the description of the different favors, and the one called Nicovap caught my attention. The description said that this juice is flavor dominated with Pineapple, Orange & Tangerine, Tropical Guava, Virginia Tobacco, and Passion Fruit. Those are some of my favorite flavors! I want an e-liquid that will give me lasting, powerful flavors. This e-liquid is described as hard-hitting and loudly accentuated.

The e-liquid is available in different concentrations of nicotine. It goes from nicotine-free at zero grams, then up to 3, 6, 12 and 18 grams. I have been gradually able to reduce my nicotine dependence, so when I buy this, I plan to purchase the one with a concentration of 3 grams.

I was looking for flavors that are bold and vigorous. It looks like Nicovap Vapors understands what customers want. I do not want any pretentious feelings. I like the fact that each bottle has a clear label of description at the back of the bottle.

I have a feeling that the Nicovap will become one of my favorite flavors. It has the perfect combination of flavors that I like with a big, bold taste. The company is committed to delivering a powerful flavor experience that is truly unforgettable.

Nicovap offers a great way to enjoy the pleasures of regular fruity e-liquid. Their most distinguished and popular five flavors are-


Pineapple Express    E-Liquid 30ml

A vibrant tropical flavor that expertly balances the tastes of sweet and tart.

30ml bottles.

70% VG/30% PG

Orange & Tangerine   E-Liquid 30ml

Ripe oranges, juicy tangerines, and smooth custard are perfectly blended to yield a mouthwatering vape bursting with gentle sweet notes and a subtle tangy finish.

30ml bottles.

70% VG/30% PG

Tropical Guava E-Liquid 30ml

A complex and unique ejuice that contains strawberry, guava, flavor and a hint of sour.

30ml bottles.

70% VG/30% PG

Virginia Tobacco   E-Liquid 30ml

A genuine tobacco experience, with a robust and flavor profile.

30ml bottles.

50% VG/50% PG


Depending on your individual consumption of nicotine you work on daily, you can comfortably choose the nicotine strength. Nicovap E-Juice provides very consistent and thick vapors that give you the best experience. The e-juice is derived from very high-quality natural ingredients that are customized in USA and Canada. The e-liquids of Nicovap E Juice have 50% VG/50% PG & 70% VG/30%.