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Tangy Purple Grape Relx Replacement Pods Review

Tangy Purple Grape Relx Replacement Pods are replacement pods made specifically for infinity and Essential vaping devices.  These Relx pod systems have been making rounds in the industry. Tangy Purple is one of many Relx pods available for these devices. 

Tangy Purple Grape gives you the sweet an sour taste of ripe grapes. The manufacturers of this e-juice did a remarkable job in recapturing the distinct flavor of this vape juice in this blend.

Tangy Purple Grape Relx Replacement Pods come with two nicotine levels; 20mg and 50mg. Relx vape pods can give you 500 to 650 puffs before it runs out of e-juice.

Each pod contains 1.9ml of e-juice and is designed to fit the Infinity and Essential device perfectly. The pod also contains the FEELM Ceramic Maze Coil with a leak-resistant design. The pods are designed to be easy-to-use. All you need to do is snap it on top of the battery and start puffing. No refilling and no complications.

All Relx pods come in a pack of two. You can get a pack of Tangy Purple Grape Pod from Hazetown Vapes for only $13

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