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Strawberry Sour Straws by Bazooka Vape Review

When you open a bottle of Bazooka Sour Straws Ejuice, you will immediately smell the sweet strawberry fruit scent. This will make you drool right away. The pleasant taste of real juicy strawberries and a little bit sourness seeps in once you inhale the vapor from this e-juice. A super yummy candy flavor. The flavor is so unique and it pleasantly stays in your mouth for a while. You will just want to keep coming back for more of this e-juice.  The real natural flavor truly comes out from this e-juice. This is an amazing experience that you will always cherish because the flavor of this vape juice stays with you and will want it as your everyday e-juice.

You get a mild throat hit from Bazooka Vape’s Strawberry Sour Straws. There is a small sensation that travels in your throat which is not irritating at all. We all know that e-juice makers are masters of crafting and tweaking e-juices to make them different from the other. For instance, a berry e-juice can come in so many different variations. And with Bazooka Vape, your imagination is the limit. However, this e-juice is totally unique and different. You just don’t see people indulging and blending sourcandy and strawberries together every day, right?

I also have to give due credit to its awesome packaging. The e-liquid comes in a clear gorilla glass bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap. The cap comes in handy if you want a mess-free transfer of your e-juice from the bottle to your tank or dripper. It also helps prevents kids from easily opening the bottle, thus avoiding preventable accidents. The bottle is wrapped with a cartooned fruits label that bears the brand name and nicotine concentration of the juice. The images displayed in front are pretty self-explanatory (all the fruit flavors are cartooned beautifully) It basically says what flavors you’re getting yourself into. Other important information like the manufacturing date and the expiration date can be found on the sides.

This blend contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. You will get a pretty solid cloud experience using this e-juice. Yes, this will most definitely not disappoint all the huge cloud chasers out there. The clouds are quite dense and huge, and doesn’t disappear easily. If you’re into fogging spaces and rooms, then this is the best choice for you. This blend contains natural and artificial flavoring, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, and USP Nicotine. Unlike other fruit flavored vapes that are overpowered with artificial flavoring, this will not give you a harsh throat hit with its natural feel or even give a nose burning sensation. This just is not your typical vape man!

This must-try e-liquid though is available in three different nicotine levels – 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg all in 60ml bottles for just $22 or 120ml bottle for $50. The 6 mg version suits experienced or veteran vapers who want the strongest hit for this flavor or those vapers who are starting to cut down on nicotine. The 3 mg is recommended for average users or those who just want some hint of nicotine. This is also the usual choice for most vapers. The 0 mg is for those who want a guaranteed nicotine-free blend.

Bazooka Vape always keeps it explosively amazing with amazing flavors like this Strawberry Sour Straws. Other great flavors are Mango Tango Sour Straws and Blue Raspberry ICE Sour Straws which both have the splendid fruit and sour flavors blended just right. The company’s experience in blending berry and tropical fruit based ingredients with other quite popular ingredients like milk and cream is quite unmatched. You can never go wrong with Bazooka Vape because just as their name suggests they make explosive vape juices. The level of quality control kept by this company is very high and that is evident in their products. Strawberry Sour Straws tastes natural, smooth, and goes in and out breezily. This product can sure make you a believer in the fact that Bazooka Vape is always on top of their game.

Strawberry Sour Straws is one of many other products by Bazooka Vape. It can be found along with other brands of eliquids and vape products on Vape-Box.com. They are one of the largest vape products retailers in the world. Some of the biggest names and highest quality product producers in the vape industry partner with them to give vapers that unique vaping experience. Get them all with an ejuice subscription.