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Sour Punch E-Liquid by Drip The Hype Review

Are you on the hunt for a different kind of punch? Most folks are trying to find great tasting e-juice flavors and it’s just sometimes hard to pick something off of the shelf by basing on how tasty the flavor name sounds. Though caramel, butterscotch and vanilla may sound yummy, wouldn’t it be nice to try something sour and sweet for a change? Picking your next uniquely flavored vape juice won’t be so hard after I give you a rundown of this exciting flavor with a “punch”.

Drip the Hype is an e-liquid manufacturer based in California and has been around for a while creating only the best eliquids on the market. Through much research and testing, they have come up with this fresh, fantastic flavor called Sour Punch.

Drip the Hype’s Sour Punch is perfect for vapers who are drawn into fruity flavors with a bit of a surprise. This selection showcases the taste of kiwi, strawberry and watermelon while striking a good balance between sour and sweet flavors that excite the taste buds. It may sound like a fruit-fest but honestly, it’s one of the best e-juices available if you are in for some tropical blow. The sour and fruity flavor combined does not disappoint.

Flavor Description

Kiwi’s sourness is a bit powerful but is balanced by strawberry’s sugar content. On your inhale, you can taste the tang of two fruits. But after you breathe out, a sudden twist happens. That’s where the watermelon flavor hits you right in the taste buds with the right kind of sweet taste. Sour Punch is famous for its aftertaste because the concentration of each fruit is just right. It’s amazing how Drip the Hype pulled this off. You will instantly taste the kiwi, strawberry and watermelon. If you are into sweet and sour, then this is definitely a must-try! Now let me give you more details about the entire product.


Sour Punch comes in a black box in a plain black bottle. You can see how finely they showcase the flavors on the bottle itself. The bottle is 60ml. It has kiwi, strawberry and watermelon drawn on it which indicates what flavors you’ll be getting for that sour punch.

VG/PG Ratio

This juice contains vegetable glycerine (VG) and propalyne glycol (PG) at an 80/20 ratio. It’s made with USP Kosher Grade VG and PG. If your are up for some thick clouds , you can use a rebuildable automizer (RDA). This flavor is ideal for this because of its high VG content. If you like impressive heavy clouds when you exhale, then this one is for you. Sour Punch can also be used with a sub ohm tank, but it is still best to use an RDA if you want the best flavor Sour Punch has to offer.

Nicotine Strength

If you are use to high levels of nicotine in your eliquid, this may disappoint you a bit, because Sour Punch contains quite a low strength level of nicotine. But worry not, you can still choose from three nicotine levels; omg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Throat Hit

Are you worried that your massive cloud making might be hurting your throat? Don’t fuss about it You won’t be getting an itchy, irritated throat with Sour Punch. It is very consistent in giving off that sweet and sour flavor with every inhale and exhale without damaging your throat.

About the Manufacturer

Sour Punch is a premium eliquid by Drip the Hype. It is made by Liquid Labs located in New Jersey. Liquid Labs only use the best equipment for production in an operative GMP complaint ISO 7 room facility. The company was founded in 2014 and is famous for bringing you vaping brands such as Trop Drop and Candy Man.

After all those details, what’s not to love about Sour Punch? It is indeed one of the best and unique eliquids you can find. You can find it at vapefu.com for a great price of $24.97 for 60ml..