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Review: The STLTH Pod System Starter Kit by STLTH Vape

Pod systems are all the rage these days, and several companies are competing with distinct design styles and features. The STLTH starting kit is one of these pod systems, and it has remained a topic of discussion throughout the world since its inception to the vaping market until now, especially when contemplating a less expensive but respectable alternative to the JUUL.

If you’re a transitional smoker who hasn’t been successful in quitting cigarettes, you might want to take a closer look at the STLTH device.

What We Know About The Manufacturer

The word STLTH, which is prominently written on the body of the Stlth device, is, in reality, the manufacturer’s name. They are a rapidly expanding Canadian producer of nicotine delivery devices, founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and Los Angeles, California, USA. They chose to build their alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes by delivering user-friendly technology in a portable form that could be made available to the people after realizing that the vaping devices available at the time were not practical enough for day-to-day use. That device is currently known as the STLTH vaping device.

The STLTH Device – Description

We’ve already noted that the STLTH vape starter kit is an easy and cheap way for conventional smokers to make a successful transition. The designers picked a style that oozes beauty and refinement while being plain and basic. The STLTH device features an ergonomic design with a perfect oval-shaped cross-section that makes it simple to use for long periods of time. Grey, rose gold, black, and navy blue are the colors that you get to choose from However, Hazetown Vapes has a limited edition Canada Day Anodized STLTH Device available.

Instead of depending on a fire button, the STLTH employs a draw-activated firing mechanism that raises the bar on ease of use. The STLTH unit has a magnetic ceramic coil pod that fits into the top of the device. It’s a closed system, which simply means the pods can’t be refilled.

A small LED light is located right below the “STLTH” branding on the device’s body. When you inhale, the LED functions as a battery life meter that flashes. It flashes white to signify that the battery is fully charged or that the charge is sufficient. When the battery is low and has to be charged, it flashes orange. An improved 420mAh rechargeable battery is housed in the chassis, which may last for days on a single charge. The battery is charged using the included micro USB connector, and it takes less than an hour to charge from 0 to 100 percent.

The STLTH device has a cutoff time of ten seconds. This implies that after 10 seconds of drag, the heating mechanism inside the device’s chassis will shut down to prevent any mishaps. Although there is no wattage control on the device, it appears that the STLTH vape device varies its wattage based on the battery capacity.

The STLTH Device – Ejuice Pods

STLTH ejuice pods contain 2ml of delicious ejuice, enough to keep you vaping for 2 to 5 days depending on how much you use them. Salt nicotine doses of 20mg (2.0 percent), 35mg (3.5 percent), and 50mg (5.0 percent) are available when purchasing the pods. If you’re a heavy smoker, 50mg may be the best option for you. If you prefer a milder high, the 20mg or 35mg should suffice.

STLTH has changed its products to conform with the new nicotine cap laws, which no longer allow nicotine doses more than 20mg to be marketed in Canada. They’ve launched a new BOLD 35 and BOLD 50 formulation, which is a hybrid 20mg nicotine dosage that is equivalent to the old 35 mg and 50 mg concentrations while maintaining quality and flavor.

They come in a variety of tastes, so you’ll never get tired of vaping the STLTH way. Crisp Apple, Tobacco Blend, and, newly added, Mango, Tundra Berry, Honeydew Menthol, and Berry Blast are just a few of the ejuice flavors available.

The STLTH Device – Performance 

The STLTH pod system produces a tight mouth-to-lung pull that closely resembles that of a cigarette. This design makes it simple for transitioning smokers to quit smoking for good, which is almost all a good pod system requires. Every draw delivers a powerful throat impact that satisfies your nicotine cravings.


Although they are not supplied together in the kit, each STLTH ejuice pod comes in a three-pack. You can get it from for $17. For $18, you can get the limited edition Canada Day Red Logo Anodized STLTH device.