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Review: Here’s a Nicotine Free and Tobacco Free Cigarette That is More Like Regular Cigarettes Than You May Imagine

If you do a quick online search for alternative cigarettes, there are numerous options available today. This is a welcome development as more people are eagerly looking to cut their dependence on cigarettes and nicotine. The problem with alternative cigarettes is that they taste and feel nothing like regular cigarettes. This can make it incredibly difficult to make the switch especially if you have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for many years.

TAAT CEO Setti Coscarella and the TAAT team understand this very well. So, they sought to create an alternative cigarette that mimics everything about regular cigarettes that we know and love. The team settled on using hemp and worked hard over several months, experimenting on ways to create a product that delivers the same experience as tobacco cigarettes. The result is an eponymous product called TAAT. 

“A smoker wants something that tastes like a cigarette, not something that tastes like a joint, so we put a lot of effort into creating something that would behave like a cigarette,” Coscarella told Forbes. 

At the heart of TAAT is a hemp-based filler they have termed ‘Beyond Tobacco.’ Using nothing but water and a secret combination of food-grade flavoring, the TAAT team transforms premium hemp buds into a substance that smells and tastes like tobacco. But, if you’re a smoker, then you know that the cigarette smoking experience is not just about the taste but also the feeling of holding a cigarette in your fingers, pinching the filter, lighting it, taking clean puffs through the filter, and blowing the smoke in the sky. So, instead of settling for joints, the TAAT team package their revolutionary alternative cigarettes just like regular cigarettes. TAATs come in a flip-top pack like regular cigarettes. They also come in brown and white FSC branded paper with a filter like regular cigarettes. They successfully created a product that imitates everything about a regular cigarette.

Since TAATs are made with hemp, they do not provide a nicotine buzz. Instead, these alternative cigarettes contain 25mg of cannabidiol (CBD). If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, this cannabinoid has been found to have numerous health benefits including combating anxiety, stress, and so much more. Many people have reported that TAAT promotes a feeling of calmness after smoking a TAAT. 

If you’re wondering whether using a TAAT would get you high, the answer is no! Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant that contains very low levels of THC. Each stick of TAAT contains less than 0.2% THC. This is less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC and is not enough to get you high or cause any psychotropic effect.

TAAT cigarettes are available in three different flavors – Orignal, Smooth, and Menthol. Original is essentially American Spirit Blue tobacco free cigarettes. They taste like American Spirit Blue, Winston, or Marlboro Red. Smooth taste like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Blue, or Pall Mall. Menthol tastes like KOOL, Newport, or Marlboro Menthol.

To learn more about TAAT, head over to their online store https://trytaat.com.