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Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT Nic Salts Review

Ever wondered how a fresh tropical mango would taste when you vape it? You do not have to worry anymore with this Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT Nic Salts. If you are a fruit lover, then this is a must-have. Nicotine salts happen to be another interesting feature of his ejuice. While your taste buds bask in the delicious fruity flavour, you also get to enjoy the satisfying throat hit that would leave you feeling like you were hitting on an actual cigarette. 

SOLT is brought to you by SVC Labs in the UK. It is a line of proprietary nicotine salt e juices that are designed to take your taste buds on a thrilling adventure while giving you throat hits that are nothing short of satisfying. Their array of salt nicotine-infused e juices include fruit combinations, menthol, dessert, candy, and even tobacco blends just in case you still want a taste of the old days without actually enduring the char and smoke. All of their ejuice is manufactured with high-quality ingredients and mixed in the UK to ensure 100 percent quality in every ounce of juice. 

On both the inhale, your taste buds are soaked in the tropical splash of mangoes that would leave you imagining the real deal. Just before the flavour is about to dissipate, you get another serving of mandarin that would ignite your taste buds again and leave you with flavourful vapour clouds.

Both VG and PG are essential ingredients in the vape juice mixture since they are responsible for carrying all of the other ingredients in the vape juice mixture. Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid is made with 50/50 VG/PG. This ratio gives you a perfect blend to enjoy both the pleasures of VG and the pleasures of VG. You get to enjoy rich flavour delivery and smooth throat hits, not forgetting about dense vapour production. The ejuice is perfect if you prefer to vape with low-powered systems like basic starter kits and pod kits as opposed to sub-ohm tanks, RTA’s, and RDA’s. The ejuice is also TPD compliant.

You get to choose any nicotine strength from as low as 5mg if you are looking for mild nicotine hit, all the way up to 20mg if you want to take your nicotine hits through the roof. You also get to enjoy a comfortable 10mg version if you prefer to be somewhere in the middle. You are only able to enjoy these levels of nicotine because of the salt nicotine concentration. 

Unlike freebase nicotine, while you vape this Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid, you get to experience a notable difference in the harshness, especially from a bottle with 10mg and 20mg of salt nicotine. This is because salt nicotine has a lower alkalinity thanks to the presence of benzoic acid. This in turn is what gives you a smoother throat hit, making vaping high levels of nicotine pleasurable.  

Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT Nic Salts Review

All of SOLT’s nicotine salt e juices are available in 10ml bottles. In the same way, they seem to use a similar packaging design and color scheme for their ejuices. Other than black and white, there is a slim colored line that differentiates between flavors, in addition to the text on the bottle. The ejuice bottle comes with a child-proof cap, as well as a tamper-evident cap to keep your delicious ejuice away from prying hands. 

You can get the 10ml bottle Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid by SOLT Nic Salts for as low as £3.99 on Vape Green, much cheaper than you may find on many other vape stores. Another thing is that Vape Green offers free UK delivery on all of your orders over $20, and if you order before 3 pm, you get to have your ejuice shipped on the same day.