Kindjuice.com Lord Of The Truffle

Two days ago, I decided to revisit some premium e-liquid flavors, Kind Juice Nectars “Lord Of The Truffle” by the U.S. company, Kind juice. One of which is “High Caliber Blue Raspberry Juice”, an organic liquid juice that comes in a dark green hue (see photo above).

I haven’t done many actual e-liquid reviews in the past simply because it’s not an easy subject to talk about. Also, a lot of juice reviews tend to be biased and subjective. Everyone has different taste buds. I will try my best to tell you what I personally think, as that’s what you’re here for anyway, right?

I found this flavor to be quite pleasant and refreshing, and it would easily fit into my lineup of favorites regarding all-day-vape liquids.

Kind Juice Organic and 100% natural Artisanal vape juice, Lord of The Truffle, is the most Chocolaty heaven tasting and luxuriously e-juices on the vaping world right now. I am starting to test whether the vape juice flavor tones are more delicious than the real chocolate ganache chocolate truffle that this vape juice is based off.

This amazing vape juice was manufactured and produced exclusively in the US.

Kind Juice E-Nectar
Vegan Friendly
Lord of The Truffle – Raspberries and Raspberry Liquor, Chocolate Ganache Truffle
Organic E-Juice
American Gourmet E-Liquid
15ml Bottles
Pure VG E-Liquid

Fruit vape juices that are bold and brilliant tend to stand out immediately when they’re vaped. As soon as the vapor hits your tongue and makes its way through your nostrils. High Caliber Blue Raspberry is one of these vapes—destined for greatness and ever-ready to please our senses each time we draw. Let the e-liquid lab’s best vape juice review team take you on a tour of this exhilarating eLiquid, from bottle to vapor.

Luxurious chocolate ganache truffle infused with raspberry liquor and topped with freshly tart raspberries.

Lord Of The Truffle is indeed green, but it’s more than just a matte color that blends in with its surroundings: This juice is vibrant and almost neon-teal in nature. It’s captivating to look at and swishes around beautifully in the bottle, just begging us to take the cap off. And trust us, when the cap finally does come off, you’re going to get the fruitiest, juiciest blue raspberry scent that you’ve ever experienced from an eJuice. The smell of freshly tart raspberries charges out gloriously, enveloping our senses in what can only be described as “an experience.”

This vape juice is 50/50 blend.

Lord Of The Truffle was easily filled into a cartomizer and it soaked into the wicks extremely quickly, absolving us of the burnt drugs that thicker liquids can sometimes yield. Without having to wait for a proper wick steep, we hit this juice hard right out of the gate.

High Caliber’s raspberry liquor is nothing short of phenomenal when it comes to taste. Its tones are perfectly pronounced, with both luxurious chocolate ganache truffle and raspberry flavors coming through in equal measure. The resulting blend is unlike anything we’ve tasted in this type of concoction. What truly makes this eLiquid a winner is the lack of a flowery taste that you’ll get on the exhale—which is often the plague of fruit mixtures.

The throat hit and vapor are right on par for this 50/50 blend, with an initial hit that’s satisfying.

It is not harsh and a steady stream of vapor that follows it through the finish.

It’s a truly enjoyable vape that’s not overpowering by any means, yet fills us up with a potent flavor that’s delicious and satisfying.

We really can’t say anything bad about Lord Of The Truffle.

As it has absolutely everything we’re looking for in an eJuice: solid throat hit, amazing flavor, and clouds of vapor that hang lazily in the air when they’re let loose. Truth be told, this bottle of liquid didn’t stand a chance: it was as good as gone as soon as we uncapped it.