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Hyde Mag Disposable Vape Flavors Review

Hyde still remains the most reputable brand of disposables that creates devices with the greatest quality, most sophisticated features, and amazing flavors. Hyde mag disposable comes in a portable, sleek design that allows you to carry it along on all your errands without hassle. The device is fitted with a powerful battery, and great vape juice capacity and comes in amazing flavors.


Hyde mag disposable has a large vape juice capacity of 10ml, allowing you to enjoy lengthy vaping sessions with a substantial amount of clouds. The device uses salt nicotine in place of freebase nicotine, giving you a smooth feel. The 400mAh battery is rechargeable and fires up to 4500 puffs per device, ensuring you get amazing experiences.

The salt nicotine levels are 50mg, enough to cater to all your nicotine cravings. The Hyde mag disposable is small in size and has a shape that fits well into the palm of your head making it easier to carry it around.


Hyde mag recharge disposable vape has a wide range of flavors, coined from fruity and dessert flavors made with utmost love for smokers. Below are the top Hyde flavors;

Blue razz clouds – a perfect blend of menthol and blueberry that gives you a refreshing feel.

Coconut crumble – this taste is the best for coconut lovers because it recreates that coconut taste in your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

Fresh vanilla – this is a pure vanilla taste in the freshest form.

Fruit punch – a perfect creation for you made by combining different fruits to form an amazing taste.

Lemon ice cream – this vape gives an amazing taste of lemon mixed with an ice cream with a vanilla topping.

Mango peach apricot – if you have not tasted this flavor before, you are missing out on a perfect blend of mango, peaches, and apricot made in the best combination.

Mango peaches and cream – this purely tastes like mango but with a feel of peach and ice cream.

Peach – a wonderful taste of peach that you cannot resist.

Peach ice cream – tastes like peach-flavored ice cream.

Peach lemon – a peach flavor with a feel of menthol from afar.

Banana pineapple cantaloupe – a blend of banana, pineapple, and cantaloupe creates an impeccable taste you cannot miss.

Tropical – a classic mix of tropical fruits and candy gummy to create an impressive taste.

Watermelon ice cream – combines a fresh watermelon taste with a vanilla ice cream flavor to create a wholesome taste.

Strawberry b-day – uses red strawberry flavor to make a birthday cake taste.

Sour apple ice – a perfect combination of menthol and green apple that is sour.

Red apple – perfectly made pure red apple flavor that is mouthwatering.

Raspberry watermelon – a perfect balance of watermelon and raspberry in equal concentration.

Strawberry lemon lime – the perfect combination of lime, lemon, and strawberry, creating a bitter-sweet flavor.

Strawberry ice cream – a mix of vanilla ice cream and strawberry.

Mandarin lime – a bitter-sweet taste if bitter mandarin and sour lime.

Rainbow – an incredible taste of different candy flavors to create a rainbow.

Philippine mango – the most incredible mango flavor that is reminiscent of Carabao mangos.


The Hyde Mag recharge is one of the most sought vapes on the market, and it’s easy to see why. This device has impressive features that provide convenience, ease of use, and comfort. The wide range of mouthwatering flavors makes it more appealing. The ergonomic design makes it easy to vape for extended periods. This vape comes highly recommended.

Where to purchase the Hyde Mag Rechargeable Vape

The  Hyde Mag Rechargeable Vape is available on the West Coast Vape Supply website for $13.99. Visit the site for tons of deals and discounts.