How The TAAT Can Help You Overcome Your Nicotine Addiction

There are numerous drawbacks to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but rather than focusing on what is already obvious, how about introducing a product that smokers have been using for some time to successfully overcome nicotine addiction without having to give up everything they have come to love about the smoking culture?

The TAAT is a cigarette that appears to be neither a cigarette nor a cigarette, yet it has firmly established itself in the cigarette market today. It is a tobacco-free cigarette that has no nicotine or tobacco. They were created to be an ideal alternative for smokers who wish to retain their smoking habits without becoming hooked to nicotine, according to the designers. They ensured that every aspect of the classic cigarette smoking experience was retained. 

More On The TAAT

Each TAAT is made with hemp as the parent material. However, in their formulation, the TAAT is not manufactured or processed in the same way as ordinary hemp cigarettes are. The hemp used is grown using secret ingredients and then processed such that it tastes, smells, and has other characteristics more like tobacco than hemp. Each stick contains up to 25mg of CBD and less than 0.2 percent THC so you would not have to bother about getting high. In short, the TAAT would make you feel like you are smoking original hemp smokes but with all the drawbacks of tobacco.

If you are hooked on nicotine and looking for a convenient and successful way to get rid of that addiction, the absence of nicotine in the TAAT and the presence of tobacco-like properties would give you a much better possibility for a successful transition.

You Get To Choose Your Preferred Flavor

The TAAT gives you the opportunity to not just get bored of a singular flavor every time you smoke but actually enjoy a diverse flavor profile. However, the manufacturers still keep the options within similarity to some of the popular brands’ flavors so you still get to enjoy flavors that you already know and love. Some of the options that you get to choose from include: 

  • TAAT Original: The original creates a massive, robust, and bold flavor with every inhalation. It’s a flavor that’ll appeal to your palate, especially if you favor strong flavors like Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue.
  • TAAT Menthol: The menthol version is one of their most popular flavors, just as it should be considering it is akin to smoking menthol CBD cigarettes. It has a minty freshness to it, comparable to Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool cigarettes.
  • TAAT Smooth: Smooth has a rich, deep, velvety flavor that is milder in flavor than the other varieties. It is quite similar to a Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue.

Availability and Pricing 

TAATs are sold in the same way as conventional cigarettes are. They are, in fact, available at convenience stores alongside regular tobacco cigarettes. TAAT is offered in packs of 20 sticks, with a unique and similar flip-top cover on each pack. The TAAT logo is printed on the pack, along with a few additional features; otherwise, it may be mistaken for a typical pack of tobacco cigarettes.

The TAAT is pretty affordable, even more, affordable than premium traditional tobacco cigarettes, and some other cigarette smoking alternatives. You can buy a pack for $6.99 at https://trytaat.com. The manufacturers even give newbies the opportunity to get a free pack by simply following these steps:

If you are on a desktop;

  • Text “FREEPACK” to 1-812-408-3315

If you are shopping on mobile;

  • You can visit their website
  • Create an account
  • Enter the promo code, and 
  • Enjoy your free pack of TAATs