Do It Yourself

How much flavoring to add to e liquid

When making your own e juice and testing out flavors you can start by making tiny bottles of juice and varying the flavor strength so that you can compare each e juice flavor percentage side by side.  That way you can see if the flavor you bought works, and what percentage you like it best at.

Step 1: Determine desired  Strength


Step 2: Calculate the flavor extract needed for a batch.


– Keep the total percentage of all flavors under 25%.

-Keep in mind the more flavoring you add, the more complex your eLiquid becomes.

-Move on to more complex flavor recipes.

Making a 30ml batch of eLiquid using a Flavor Strength of 10%.

Flavor concentrate here is PG Based.


Start with 10% flavoring in your e juice, and then start titering up 5 – 10% at a time.Need 3ml of Flavor Concentrate to reach a Flavor Strength of 10% in a 30ml batch of eLiquid. With too little flavor you won’t be able to taste the flavor. Too much flavor can make the flavor taste badly. Some flavorings have a range where they taste best, and you will find it by tinkering in small percentage increments. If you still don’t like the flavor at a 20% mix it’s time to toss the flavor and try a new brand.


For 30ml batch it will consist of 50% PG & 50% VG

Mix together:
3ml Flavor Concentrate
12ml Propylene Glycol
15ml Vegetable Glycerin 


PG – Propylene Glycol for Stronger Throat Hit

VG – Vegetable Glycerin for Creates More Vapor

Nicotine Liquid (Nicotine juice) – Comes in PG, VG, or a percentage of both PG and VG and in Different Strengths of Nicotine.