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High-Power Electronic Cigarette Suitable For Outdoor Use

No matter if you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an adventurer, you want to make sure that your electronic cigarette can keep up with you and your lifestyle. In the world of electronic cigarettes, there are two main categories: high-power and low-power. High-power devices are great for outdoorsy types who want to be able to enjoy a vape on a mountain path where there’s no power outlet in sight. Here are the reasons why VOOPOO ARGUS GT Ⅱ is a high-power electronic cigarette suitable for outdoor use:

It’s IP68 Rating Tri-Proof

The designers of the ARGUS GT II focused on waterproof performance and structural research and development, while choosing an industry-leading high-strength metal casing. After thousands of tests, a powerful double-layer waterproof, dustproof, antifreeze, and anti-collision multiple safety protection module has been created, which can easily cope with various extreme outdoor environments. With the Tri proof feature, you can use this device outside without worrying about it getting ruined by rain, snow, or water splashes. This means you can use it while hiking, while camping, while skiing.

Multiple Protections

We have considered multiple protections for ARGUS GT Ⅱ, including overheating, overcharge/overcurrent, short circuit, high resistance protection, timeout protection, and more, to ensure that users have a safe vaping experience.

GENE TT 2.0 Chip

ARGUS GT II is equipped with the newly upgraded GENE TT 2.0 advanced intelligent chip, which can easily realize automatic power matching and support smart, RBA, turbo and TC modes. Smart mode supports automatic matching of optimal output power.

200W Max Power Stable Output

The maximum power of ARGUS GT II can reach 200W. At the moment when the fire button is pressed, the clouds and mists are swirling, like a volcano erupting, bringing the ultimate taste of enjoyment and visual impact. At the same time, its stable output power brings you consistent taste.

Final Thoughts

All in all, VOOPOO ARGUS GT II is a high-power electronic cigarette. According to the manufacturer, this new e-cigarette is suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the function of temperature control and the large battery capacity will enable you to satisfy your nicotine consumption habit. This product also allows you to enjoy vaping even if you are a chain smoker, as it provides you with a safer vaping experience than other products.