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Halo Longhorn Review – My Thoughts On This Well Known Tobacco Blend

This is my Halo Longhorn review.  Longhorn is one of the most highly praised tobacco flavored e liquids in the industry and I want to offer my thoughts on it.  Try Halo Longhorn here.

The Flavor

On my Halo Longhorn review I want to carefully note the flavors here.  First, I notice a slightly sweet, but, not sickening sweet flavor to this one.  It tastes like a fine pipe tobacco in my opinion.

I also pick up on vanilla-ish after tastes, which may explain where the sweet hints come from on this vapor.  Another undertone I sense is cedar wood.  The way I describe it is a hint of vanilla locked away with tobacco in a cedar wood chest.  The taste is actually unique in an e liquid and I’ve really enjoyed that addition.

The Throat Hit

The throat hit is strong, but, not harsh. If you’ve ever had a harsh tobacco e liquid you’d know what I mean.  If you are a big tobacco fan, you’ll love this throat hit.  If you hate tobacco, you’ll hate it.  I’d say the throat hit is above medium but not on the extreme side.  On a 10 point scale I’d say, around a 7 on the throat hit.

The Aroma

Halo themselves mention that there is a light cigar flavor to this.  While I didn’t pick that up in the actual flavor, I got a nice whiff of it in the aroma lingering in the air.  I have to admit it smells slightly sweet, like a fancier Blank and Mild cigar.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this e liquid.  I’ll be ordering many more of Halo Longhorn and I highly recommend this for those of you who like tobacco e liquid with an above average throat hit and a splash vanilla and sweet wood thrown in.  I will say that this is one of my favorite tobacco e liquids that I have tasted. Grab yours here.

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