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Gold Blend Tobacco 4X Phix Pods Review.

Gold blend tobacco 4X pod package is a life-saving development by PHIX that delivers excellent quality vaping sessions for you at all times. The pods are compatible with the Phix vape device and the Phix pro basic kit. This is an excellent pick for anyone trying to quit cigarette smoking. The pods provide the signature tobacco flavor that is synonymous with cigarettes. This, combined with the vaping action, makes it easy for smokers to transition to a safer and more affordable alternative – vaping.

Phix Vapor is the leading brand when it comes to premium vape devices. Since its inception, the company has worked tirelessly to provide vape enthusiasts with the best gadget for a wholesome experience. The Phix pod series features a host of flavors, with the Gold blend Tobacco 4X being one of the most sought products. This review explores everything you need to know about these Phix pods


E-liquid capacity

The gold blend tobacco 4X pods have a liquid capacity of 1.5ml each, ensuring long-lasting vaping sessions with the vape juice lasting till the last draw.

Puff count

The 1.5ml vape juice capacity supports between 400 and 440 puffs, which is sufficient to last any vaper for a significant number of days. Combined, the pods provide up to 1800 puffs. What else could anyone ask for?

Nicotine Strength

The gold blend tobacco 4X pods have a 5%(50mg) nicotine strength, equal to the nicotine strength of two packets of cigarettes. This allows vapers to quench their nicotine craving instantly. 

Mesh coil

These pods come with a 1.5ohm coil, ensuring great cloud production for the cloud chasers while maintaining a top-tier experience simultaneously. These coils provide a larger heating surface area, faster heating speed, and superior experience. Despite the pods being non-refillable, Phix ensures that you get to experience the best before disposing of the pods. 

Temperature control technology

The gold blend tobacco 4X pods are fitted with a high-quality wick, ensuring temperature control by reducing the power when the wick dries and increasing the power when the wick is perfectly soaked.

High-quality wick

The pods have a great wick material made of ceramic, a feature that puts them on top of the pods market and remains unmatched. This ceramic wick does not burn or melt and is long-lasting and of breathtaking quality.

Leak-free design

These Phix pods are leak-free and perfectly sealed to avoid messy leaks that compromise the pod’s quality and drag the convenience of the pods downwards.


These pods provide you with mouthwatering tobacco flavors with a nutty finish that will keep you coming back for more. This is one of the best tobacco-flavored pods on the market. 


As a consumer, you could never go wrong with this incredible gold blend tobacco 4X pod package. Not only do you get value for money, but you also experience incredible flavors that awaken your taste buds. Purchasing the gold blend tobacco 4X pods package is the most fantastic thing you can do for yourself, either as a new smoker or an already accustomed smoker. This package consists of well-thought high-quality pods that leave your taste buds waggling with the need to puff. 

Where to purchase the gold blend tobacco 4X pod package

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