Chocolate Flavor

Easter E-Cig Chocolate Vapor

Switching to e-cigs is easy when Premium Electronic Cigarettes offers an Easter site-wide special of %15 (coupon code: easter15), but converting to digital can get even sweeter…

Smokers and vapor veterans might want to coat their throat with the fine taste of chocolate this weekend, rather than gorge on eggs and rabbits (ahem).

Chocolate flavor, relatively rare because of efforts to demonize E-cigarette producers as trying to get children addicted to vape-sticks, is nonetheless offered by companies to target the palates of consenting adults.

Uber-inexpensive BullSmoke complements low prices with a “Chocolate Treat” e-liquid.

And SouthBeachSmoke offers a tasty “Deluxe Chocolate Flavor” to their vaping clientele…

But if “sweet” isn’t your thing, true choco connoisseurs will appreciate Halo E-Cigs‘ Belgian Cocoa liquid, with a “dry cocoa undertone and a sweet… top note”.

Jesus proved you always have a second chance… and electronic cigarette users’ testimonials show it’s never too late to start over. This just makes it easier.