Dessert E Liquid Flavors

Caramel E-Liquid With Delicious Flavor Notes

Caramel e-liquid and electronic cigarettes can cut smokers cost in half every month.  Below is our take on our favorite caramel e juice flavors.

Dulce De Leche by Vapor Zone
Gourmet Caramel goodness is what is in store for you when you vape this e-liquid by Vapor Zone.

Overall Flavor:

It has an overall sweet flavor, like a piece of chewy caramel candy.  Think more like hints of sweetness rather than an overpowering sweetness.

Aroma: This leaves a pleasant caramel aroma in the air.  If you’ve ever smelled a potpourri pot with a caramel scent in it, it’s similar to that.  It’s just a pleasant vape for you and people around you.

Throat Hit:

The throat hit is substantial and you will taste the milky caramel which makes for a smooth vape.

Overall Thought:

This caramel e juice is awesome and we fully recommend it.

This e-juice is about $15 for a 30 ml bottle, not a bad deal for a gourmet taste that mimics the experience of smoking a regular cigarette at a fraction of the cost.

Caramel Apple E-Juice by Mount Baker Vapor

Mount Baker Vapor is one of these companies that produce deluxe flavors with decent throat hits, loads of vapors and reasonable pricing.

Overall Flavor:

You will be able to taste the apple and the caramel with every hit.  The caramel is slightly stronger than the apple and the apple is simply a nice hint to the overall taste.

Throat Hit:

If you are looking for a good solid vape this e-juice produces a good amount of vapors and you will feel the throat hit as if you were hitting a regular cigarette.  The cost of this e-juice is around $10 for 30m. Check it out

Overall Thought:

Good blend with a good caramel flavor.  We preferred the Vapor Zone brand of caramel e liquid, as it felt more “clean” but this one was still good.