Dessert E Liquid Flavors

Cake Flavored E Juice


When you take a hit on an e-cig that is filled with cake e-liquid you will enjoy the sweetness you remember from a childhood birthday or from last night’s dessert.  You will also be able to experience an exhale that replicates that of a regular cigarette with decent vapor production much like that of smoke exhalation. There is nothing sweeter than finding the right flavor for a great all day vape.


Sniffing the first whiff of a cake baking in an oven is the aroma that this e-juice gives the second you open the box.  You will be able to enjoy the aroma and taste no matter where you are because they are both wrapped up in this sweet vape.  Chances are that when friends and family are around you they will be allured by the authentic cake aroma.


Just because these e-juices are sweet does not mean that they lack in the throat hit they generate.  You will definitely be aware of the throat hit and you will be pleased with the sweetness of the overall vape.


Blowing out the candles on a birthday or anniversary cake may be some of the memories you will think of when you are vaping these e-juices.  There is no greater all day vape than one that is full of the true flavor you ordered and that provides the utmost in a smoking experience.  Cake e-liquid will give shoppers the sweet vape they want every time.

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