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It is no secret that all vapers enjoy menthol electronic cigarette flavors. The cool feeling in the throat and lungs constitutes much of what I think the smoking experience should be, and getting that feeling in e-liquid form is largely what enabled me to stop smoking. I have reviewed many electronic cigarette liquids on, and many people have come here in hopes of furthering their search for the best menthol electronic cigarette e-liquid. So, with this review, I am going to do something a little different.

Rather than writing a detailed review of just one menthol e-liquid, I am going to compare all of the menthol flavors that I have tried so far. Hopefully, a direct comparison can help you go straight to the menthol e-liquid that will work best for you and help you avoid wasting your money. I hope to keep this review comparison article updated in the future as I try more menthol e-liquids.

Menthol Burst E-Liquid – 15ml (Original)

The original Volcano Menthol Burst e-liquid is the first electronic cigarette liquid that I ever tried, and although I love to experiment with new flavors, I keep coming back to it and nearly always have a bottle on-hand. I characterize the base flavor as “mint” rather than “tobacco,” and it has by far the highest amount of menthol out of any e-liquid that I have used. If you want the e-liquid with the most high-menthol flavor available, this is the one to buy. The e-liquid is 100-percent PG, so it wicks quickly and works well with tank-based systems such as that of the INFERNO Complete Starter Kit or eGo-T.

The downside is that INFERNO has switched to a new e-liquid supplier, and they have said that once their original liquids run out, they will not be restocking them. As of march 2017, the original Volcano Menthol Burst e-liquid remains in stock at the 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg and 24mg mg nicotine levels.

eLiquid Planet Essence NPT (Newport)

The base flavor of Mt Baker Vapor’s Extreme Ice is tobacco, and I characterize it as being quite reminiscent of an un-smoked cigar. The liquid has a medium level of menthol.It is a radically cool, minty and smooth vape.  Overall, the taste of Extreme Ice is warm and inviting, and it produces an enormous volume of vapor with a substantial mouth-feel. I would guess that the mixture is approximately 70-30 PG to VG. Out of all of the menthol e-liquids that I have tried, Essence Ice has the most convincing “menthol cigarette” flavor. I have purchased several bottles and will continue to buy it.

eLiquid Planet Essence Ice (Newport)

The base flavor of eLiquid Planet’s Essence Ice is spice, and it has a low level of menthol. Some of the flavor notes that I have detected in this e-liquid are pepper, cinnamon, and clove. It is meant to be similar to a Newport cigarette with its dry and spicy flavor and throat hit. I personally prefer Essence Ice, but suggest picking up Essence NPT at the high nicotine level if you are looking for a menthol e-liquid with a full-flavor experience and strong throat hit.

Menthol Freeze Vape Juice (30ML)

VaporFi’s Menthol freeze e-liquid has a base flavor of mint and a medium-high level of menthol. When I first tried it, I thought that it had an “off” flavor and lacked the pure mint/menthol rush of Volcano’s original menthol flavor. Unlike VaporFi’s Essence line, which is made in the United States and contains a mix of PG and VG, VaporFi’s standard liquids are made in China and PG-only (although a VG-only Menthol is available as well, which I have not tried). While I would not necessarily recommend rushing out to buy it, it does have the highest level of menthol aside from Volcano’s original Menthol e-liquid. So, if high menthol is your priority and Volcano’s original menthol burst becomes unavailable Mtbakers ’s extreme ice menthol is a fine second choice.

Vapourlites Menthol E-Liquid 10ml

Vapourlites Menthol E-Liquid is a unique blend of the menthol’s cool and fresh flavour, and the taste of a regular cigarette. The menthol e-liquid is the only one that I have tried from the new supplier, and I did not like it. The base flavor of the new Vapourlites Menthol is tobacco rather than mint. It contains approximately an 80-20 blend of PG and VG, and is very low in menthol. I found the flavor to be overly sweet and too low in menthol, and I did not enjoy it. I did not finish the 10 ml bottle.

120ml BIGFinDEAL by eSnaxx

I picked up a 120ml bottle of big f’n deal Tiger’s Blood e-juice Blend Menthol from cape vaping supplies. The liquid is VG-only, and very viscous. These e-liquids containing the finest menthol flavor I have ever tested.Recommended.