Dessert E Liquid Flavors

Aspire – N2 Honeydew Melon Peach

Aspire – N2 Honeydew Melon Peach – For those vapers who love the sweetness of these two flavors on their own, they are in for a definite sweet delight with this e-juice.

The taste of honeydew melon will hit your tongue first with the sweet taste of watermelon entwined within it for a delectable vape you won’t want to put down.  It taste as if you are eating both fruits fresh from the vine at the same time.


This e-juice is not only sweet in flavor but it is truly a sweet vape.  There is a straight shooting throat hit you will feel it from the first hit to the last and it is totally encompassed with this flavor. It’s no harsh, but, somewhat under medium, but, solid enough that you feel it. Vapor production is definitely among the best in the business.

If you’re looking for the perfect mixture of vapor and flavor you won’t go wrong with this e-juice. We found this to be a decent hit that is sure to get you through the day.


It is a mouthwatering aroma that goes right along with the full flavored taste of each of these fruits.  It has an aroma in the air of a tasty bowl of fruit that has been freshly cut up.  Overall it’s very pleasant and clean smelling.


We really enjoyed the blend of sweet and fruity Honeydew Melon flavor. It’s a great way to get that perfect Honeydew Melon taste without the alcohol effects. Check it out here!