Disposable Vaporizer Review

A Review of the Pod Salt GO Disposable Flavors

The Pod Salt Go is a one-of-a-kind introduction to the world of chunky disposable vapes from Pod Salt. Pod Salt is an ejuice brand that focuses on nicotine salts. They are committed to aiding more smokers in effectively moving away from tobacco by delivering the best alternative possible. They provide a diverse range of award-winning, British-made e liquids that deliver the smoothest and most refreshing vaping experience any vaper could desire. The Pod Salt Go disposable device is no exception; the gadget is intended to be a suitable option for existing smokers looking to make the switch or on-the-go vapers looking for a budget-friendly travel vape.

About The Device 

In terms of design, the pod salt device is not unlike other disposable devices on the market. It’s a really ergonomic and stylish all-in-one gadget. The mouthpiece, ejuice tank, and battery are all built into this device and cannot be changed. The Pod salt disposable gadget has an auto-draw function, making it even easier to use. Simply insert the ergonomic mouthpiece into your mouth and draw a drag. Even better, the gadget is ready to use right out of the box.

The Pod Salt GO 600 has a 400mAh battery that ensures at least 600 puffs before it dies. The device’s ejuice tank is a 2ml ejuice tank that is linked to the mouthpiece. When the Pod Salt GO gadget is empty, just dispose of it in accordance with your local authority’s regulations.

Nicotine Review 

Salt nicotine is another major secret about the Pod Salt GO disposable device. Just like any other disposable device that uses salt nicotine-infused ejuice, this one delivers quite a remarkable nicotine hit. A regular freebase nicotine ejuice may include 3mg to 18mg of nicotine, however, a salt nicotine ejuice may have up to 50mg of nicotine. You may anticipate receiving one with 20mg of salt nicotine in the case of this Pod Salt GO disposable. Because they can accept large quantities of nicotine, they are employed in greater concentrations, allowing you to vape them less frequently to attain the same results as freebase nicotine.

Flavor Review

One of the major things every vaper would get a good knack for is the numerous ejuice flavors that the manufacturers have presented. We would be looking at some of the options now.

  • Banana Ice: This ejuice concoction features a delightfully creamy blend of banana flavor with a gentle sweetness. The flavor is then topped off with an icy edge for a truly refreshing experience.
  • Strawberry Banana: For many vapers, the name of this flavor should already raise their expectations. This ejuice flavor has a sweet, creamy taste that will transport you back in time. Enjoy the creamy Banana flavor on the inhale, followed by a zesty, luscious Strawberry flavor on the exhale.
  • Orange Ice: This zesty burst has the zingy citrus flavor of ripe, fresh Oranges topped with a chilly Ice. It will remind you of a nice glass of excellent orange juice that is not only tasty but also refreshing.
  • Fresh Mint: The first swig of this ejuice will have you wallowing in the icy mountains. Fresh Mint is a revitalizing flavor with a traditional, cooling mint flavor that will keep you amused at all times.

Other flavors include double apple, watermelon breeze, strawberry ice, pink lemonade, mango ice, mixed berries, cola lime, blue ice, and many more. 

Availability and Pricing

For only £5.99, the Pod Salt GO 600 disposable gadget comes in a nicely wrapped box with all of the information available on the vape green official website, vapegreen.co.uk. This means you won’t have to spend a fortune to have a high-end device like this one. Simply go to the website and order a stunning piece of hardware, which will be delivered to your door in no time.